About us

  media strategy

Graphic design, video, feed aggregation and online transactions should be engineered strategically, and search engine optimization (SEO) and social media integration must be part of your longterm planning.  If you know where your business should go, we can help with systems to get you there. 

  website development

We build commercial sites using mainstream modern technologies.  We recommend platforms, specify and install hardware, gather workflow requirements, build and test prototypes.  We are experts in ASP.NET and LAMP environments, OOP (C#, Java), Javascript, Telerik, various CMS.

  audience expansion

Increasing your audience and maintaining their loyalty is of high priority.  Crafted, timely email, with interesting content will help you building your business 'long tail'. 

  database architecture

We build and maintain databases using SQL Server, Oracle and mySql.

  marketing analyses

Measured market parameters allow sales strategies to be applied efficiently.  We will help you to know your sales cycles and customer demographics, monitor site traffic, survey your audience, and perform A/B testing, which will add to your bottom line.